The Greece Experience - 17 to 27 May 2019

Mother Gaia, Artemis, Athena, the Swan Knight, the Greek Pantheon with its Myths and Mysteries, the ancient Mystery Schools, the Philosophers, Essenes (Therapeutae) and Atlantis, all these themes play important roles in a fabulous journey of discovery and reunion with ancient places and Self. Designed to my deeper callings, this tour will be your chance to experience Greece in a unique way.


Join us on "The Greece Experience" group tour, which will be taking place from 17th to 27th May, 2019!

During this tour, which is presented in 2 segments, we will visit - among other places - Athens with the Plaka, The Agora, the Acropolis and the Archaeological Museum, Delphi including the Tholos & Athena Pronaia, the site of the Oracle, the Theater and the Pan Cave (Coryculum Cave), Meteora, The Argolis including ca. 3300 year old Mycenae, Nafplion, the theater and ancient Asklepius Sanctuary at Epidaurus and the famous Corinth Canal. In the second part of the tour we go to Crete, where we will visit the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion, the Zeus Cave & Minoan Knossos. We will also make a day excursion to Santorini (Thira) where we visit Oia and Akrotiri (ancient Minoan remains). This tour has been well organized by Greek travel agents, but it has been completely designed to what I would like to show and share. ♥

The Plan:

FIRST PART: MAINLAND GREECE (prices start at € 1445,- euros p.p. for a double room (2 people sharing) and € 1915,- euros p.p. for a single room)

Friday, 17th May, 2019
Arrival in Athens and transfer to the hotel (1 transfer included, it is best to arrive in the afternoon between 2 and 5 pm). It is also possible to arrive earlier or later that day, and then we will meet at the hotel (all details will be available, including how to get there).
Meet and greet with wines at the hotel followed by a buffet dinner.

Saturday, 18th May, 2019
Full day in Athens. We will be walking the ancient Panathenaic Way through the ancient Agora to the Acropolis, seeing the Temple of Hephaestus and of course the ancient monuments atop the Acropolis, including the Parthenon & the Erechteion, and the Acropolis Museum. In the late afternoon we will also visit the Archaeological Museum, before returning to the hotel for dinner and overnight.
Dinner at the hotel.

Sunday, 19th May, 2019
Full day visiting the region called the 'Argolis'. We will see the famous Corinth Canal and the archaeological site of ancient Mycenae, which was one of the major centers of Greek civilization; a military stronghold which dominated much of southern Greece, Crete, the Cyclades and parts of southwest Anatolia. The Mycenaean period is from 1600 BCE to 1100 BCE. Then we will visit Nafplion and have an organized lunch (included) in a local Greek tavern in Lygourio. In the afternoon we will visit Epidaurus (the theater and as well as the remains of the Asklepios Sanctuary).
Dinner at the hotel.

Monday, 20th May, 2019
We leave the hotel in Athens to go to Delphi, and have a short coffee stop in Arachova. Afterwards we will visit the Tholos and Athena Pronaia Temple remains. On our way to the hotel for our lunch we stop at the famous Castalian Spring, where the Pythia and the priests cleansed themselves before they started the Oracle process. After our lunch (included) we will walk (ca. 500 meters) to the remains of ancient Delphi, where we visit the archaeological site including the Apollo Temple with a local, English speaking guide. As we are staying in Delphi for two nights, we will be able to experience the magical sunset atmosphere. Close to the hotel starts the path the ancient priests and priestesses walked from the coast towards the Oracle.
Dinner at the hotel.

Tuesday, 21st May, 2019
Early morning breakfast and departure to the Parnassos National Park just outside Arachova for the hike (not difficult) to the enigmatic Pan Cave (Corycian Cave) with a local guide. After the hike we will have lunch in Arachova or Delphi. In the afternoon we visit the Archaeological Museum of Delphi after which we have some free time to discover downtown Delphi, the ancient path that leads to the sea or simply to enjoy the pool and relax.
Dinner at the hotel.

Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019
The program for today starts with a stunning road trip through mainland Greece. Our goal: Meteora, the famous rock formations on which tops medieval monks built monasteries. Organized lunch included. We visit 2 monasteries with a local guide, followed by a short coffee/snack stop. The cherry on the pie is a magical sunset tour of Meteora to grasp the beauty of this amazing landscape in the special orange light of the setting sun.
Dinner at the hotel in Kalambaka.

Thursday, 23rd May, 2019
We depart from Kalambaka and drive, with several stops for coffee and snacks, to Athens airport for the flight home (make sure you organize your flight home to depart after 15h00 (3 pm), or, if you book the 2nd part of this tour, your flight to Heraklion, Crete (details will follow).

SECOND PART - CRETE & SANTORINI (prices start at € 715,- euros p.p. for a double room (2 people sharing) and € 860,- p.p. for a single room)

On Thursday, 23rd May we arrive at Heraklion airport (there are several late afternoon flights from Athens to Heraklion, details will follow). We check into our 4 star resort hotel on the beach for 3 nights. Dinner at the hotel.

Friday, 24th May, 2019
Visit to the ancient Minoan Palace of Knossos and the mythological Zeus Cave, both with local guides. Organized lunch included. Dinner at the hotel.

Saturday, 25th May, 2019
Full day tour to Santorini (Thira), with free time for lunch (not included) in Oia and a visit to the ancient Minoan site of Akrotiri (Thira Mesa Vouno) with a local guide.
Dinner at the hotel on Crete.

Sunday, 26th May, 2019
In the morning we visit the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion. Afterwards we drive to the airport for the flight back to Athens. Last night in Athens. We will spend our last evening together at the Plaka, the old historical neighbourhood of Athens, clustered around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis. We will have an organized special dinner in one of the nicest places of the Plaka (included).

Monday, 27th May, 2019
After breakfast there will be a transfer to Athens airport from the hotel.

Minimum number of participants: 10.

- Dinner starting on day one and ending on the last night.
- Breakfast on day 2 to the final day (departure).
- Lunches on 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 24th May.
- Entrance fees and tourist taxes.
- Transfer (1 group transfer on day one and 1 group transfer on your departure day).
- Tour guides and excursions mentioned in the program.
- Excellent 3 star accommodation in Athens, Delphi and Kalambaka, and on part 2 of the tour, 4 star accommodation on Crete and excellent 3 star accommodation in Athens on the final night.
- The recipient's Bank/PayPal fees

- Your flights to Athens v.v., and, if you book the 2nd part, your return flight Athens-Heraklion.
- Drinks not included in the meals that are included in this tour.
- Meals that are not included in the tour (lunch is not included on 17th, 18th, 23rd, 25th and 26th May 2019).
- Personal expenses and travel insurances.


Send me an e-mail with your name, your phone number (mobile), the name of your hometown & country, and whether you would like to book part 1 only, or both parts of this tour. On November 1st, 2018, I will send you an e-mail to ask you to confirm your reservation and, according to the terms and conditions of the travel agents in Greece, a non-refundable down-payment will then be required to secure your seat. If we would need to cancel this tour due to circumstances, you will be refunded.

E-mail me at

N.B. This tour is only suitable for those who are able to walk rocky paths that are often on a slope (sometimes steep). The flights are not included, but all the flight details for the return flight from Athens to Crete will be given to you when you book this tour, so you will be able to book the right flights from your home.

Food: We will try to cater for vegetarians and gluten free diets, but for most meals we will make use of buffets, so people can choose what they would like every day. But... when in Greece... :)

My name is Anneke Koremans. Since 2007 I have been a resident of the southern French department of the Aude-Pyrénées. In my spare time I enjoy photography and writing (under the nom de plume of Jeanne D’Août) and producing little video trailers to help promote this region. Since early childhood I loved studying the lost history of civilization, the first centuries of Christianity, the Gnosis and Mysticism. My esoteric adventure novels and articles have been published in English to reach as many people as possible. In the past I have been a guest on many radio shows, both in the USA and in Australia, but also on a live TV Talk Show in Las Vegas in 2013. In 2012 I was interviewed for a now world famous TV documentary called "Himmler and the Holy Grail", giving me a page on IMDb. I also worked together with the well-known American filmmaker Frank LaLoggia, to write a synopsis for a possible screenplay for my first book "White Lie ~ The Quest for The Forbidden Relic", which is available together with its sequel, "The Eye of Ra", on Amazon (see for all the direct links). In the Summer of 2015, I became a member of the ITW (International Thriller Writers Organization). In 2016, both "The Forbidden Relic" and its sequel "The Eye of Ra" were also published on Kindle eBook. My third book will explore the ancient world of the very early Celts in the Mediterranean and will be situated in Occitania and Greece. This final book of my trilogy will be released in the Winter of 2019/2020.

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